The Hobbit Movies Are Coming, But Will They Be Any Good?

January 4, 2008 at 8:00 pm Leave a comment


Like most sentient beings, I loved the Lord of the Rings films. I didn’t convert my parents’ basement into the Shire or shave hair off the dog and glue it to my feet or write my diary in an elfin language or anything like that — but upon leaving the screening for Fellowship of the Ring I did call a friend and say, “I want to drive my car off a bridge so that I can die with Lord of the Rings having been the last movie I saw.” Which, OK, might have been overstating it slightly. But still.Remember those three glorious years when we got a new LOTR every Christmas? It was so sad when 2004 rolled around and all we got was Lemony Snicket and National Treasure.

But then we remembered: There’s another Lord of the Rings book that Peter Jackson could adapt! It’s The Hobbit, and it’s a prequel! Ian Holm couldn’t play Bilbo (he’s young in the book), but Ian McKellen could still play Gandalf! As long as Peter Jackson was directing and someone named Ian was in the cast, it would be just like getting another LOTR movie!

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