A Look At Coming Attractions: Alien vs. Predator: Requiem and Cassandra’s Dream

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Alien vs. Predator

Alien vs. Predator: Requiem

Directed by: Colin & Greg Strause
Starring: John Ortiz, Steven Pasquale, Reiko Aylesworth

There is one thing the Alien vs. Predator trailer makes very clear: a lot of people are going to die in this movie. The deaths will be aplenty. Bloody, disgusting human limbs will be tumbling through the silver screen, into your actual movie theater, maybe even onto your lap, I don’t know. But the death toll will be high, the blood will flow and I’m anticipating every moment of it. I can’t pinpoint why, but this trailer gave me a good feeling. Not in a “This is going to have a good screenplay and outstanding acting”! way, but in more of an “I can’t wait to see all of the alien and predator killings!” sort of way. I’m feeling warm and fuzzy here, which is pretty astonishing because watching the first Alien vs. Predator felt akin to passing a kidney stone. This may be a bad movie, but … wait, scratch that. This will be a bad movie. It’s an Alien vs. Predator movie for Pete’s sake. But it might be a really fun bad movie is what I’m saying.

The trailer is surprisingly good because you’re not sure what type of movie you’re being set up for. You get a slice of small town Americana, including the town’s population count. As the aliens and predators are introduced, the population count, which starts out at around four thousand plus, begins to drop and drop more as the film’s supporting players get clipped. I haven’t been this excited to watch massive deaths in years! You can watch the trailer here.

Cassandra’s Dream
Directed by: Woody Allen
Starring: Colin Farrell, Ewan McGregor, Tom Wilkinson

Can I just say I love Woody Allen’s resurgence of late? Okay, Scoop wasn’t so hot, but it wasn’t Curse of the Jade Scorpion either. Match Point, which I watched again on cable a few weeks ago, was fantastic and this film also looks more, should we say, on point (okay, that pun was Alien vs. Predator bad). The point (no pun intended) is Woody’s getting in touch with his darker side again and I’m liking what I see here. He’s going British again; maybe that’s part of it. Maybe shooting in chilly England has awoken Allen’s inner beast?

The trailer is pretty standard stuff, nothing over-the-top going on here. The trailer folks try to sell all the movie festivals the movie was apart which always makes me laugh a little inside. The people that care that the movie was selected for the Venice Film Festival don’t need to be convinced to see a Woody Allen movie. I actually think those festival symbols scare off the young’uns. As soon as those little leaves show up these cats are thinking, “Well, there goes a movie for grandpa”.

Source: www.cinema-pedia.com


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