Tom Cruise vs. Vince Vaughn: Who Ya Got?

November 8, 2007 at 8:10 pm Leave a comment

Tom CruiseOnce again, it’s a weekend battle of head-to-head stars. This week we have two more heavy hitters doing battle in slightly different films than they’re used to. In this corner we’ve got Tom Cruise in the Robert Redford helmed Lions For Lambs. Opposite him in the fur trimmed red trunks is Vince Vaughn in Fred Claus. You know the rules. Let’s drop the cage. Two men enter! One man leaves!In the box office this weekend: Winner = Vaughn
The box office has been a family wasteland for far too long. Anything branded family is cleaning up whole hog. And with everything going wrong these days everyone is looking for a pick-me-up. I expect families will run to this like they were giving out free iPhones in the lobby. Lions For Lambs, on the other hand, is a political drama and political dramas are tanking. This one isn’t even going to be close.

In the critical arena: Winner = Cruise
On his worst day Cruise is still one of the best actors working today. And here he is far from his worst days. In fact, this is his best performance since Magnolia, which garnered him an Oscar nod. Vaughn, on the other hand, has been in a string of lowbrow comedies. And despite the fact that people love him, critics are dreading this. They’re waiting for an excuse to open up on Vaughn, even if it isn’t deserved. Cruise is gonna come out on top this week.

In their careers: Winner = Cruise
Vince is an awesome guy. He’s got several hits under his belt. And he dated Jennifer Aniston. Lets face it, he’s one of life’s winners. But he’s never hit Cruise’s level of fame. Fortunately for him he never has to worry about Cruise’s level of infamy either. I mean, honestly, can anyone name Vaughn’s religion? No. But everyone has something to say about Cruise’s. I still give points to Cruise: Kubrick film, Oscar nod, married Nicole back when she was famous, then married Katie Holmes. Oh, and like a billion hit films. Cruise IS a life winner.

In a fight: Winner = Vaughn
This one is actually close. Cruise is in tip-top physical shape and highly trained in the art of combat. But Vaughn is gigantic. He’s like the abominable snowman if the abominable snowman had a five o’clock shadow and a good buzz. And I’ve seen Vince after a few drinks. The man looks like he could get hit by a Buick and shake it off. Given access to at least a minibar, the advantage goes to Vaughn.

Winner = Tie
I’m actually awarding a tie this week. I have a feeling neither film is destined to be a classic, but both men will continue rolling forward in their careers. Two titans will have collided, been evenly matched, and then will wander off back into Hollywood. Kind of like a Godzilla movie.



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