Jerry Seinfeld vs. Denzel Washington: Who Ya Got?

November 2, 2007 at 11:36 am Leave a comment

Jerry Seinfeld vs. Denzel WashingtonOnce again, it’s a weekend battle of head-to-head stars. In this corner, we have one of the kings of televised comedy, the ruler of all things observational, Jerry Seinfeld. And in this corner we have one of America’s greatest talents, Academy award winner Denzel Washington. These are guys we all know on a first name basis. This one’s going to be epic. You know the rules. Let’s drop the cage. Two men enter! One man leaves!In the box office this weekend: Winner = Jerry
As much as Bee Movie doesn’t do the slightest bit to make me want to get up out of this chair and go to the theater, it is the first animated family film with any real power behind it in MONTHS. This time of year always has a drought of family entertainment and then everyone scratches their heads when something like The Game Plan cleans up. Families need something to take their kids to. No way does a bloody, period gangster film open bigger than a big-budget CG family film. Uh, uh.

In the critical arena: Winner = Denzel
Say what you will about bringing in the box office or Seinfeld’s long running television history, one film is an epic gangster movie starring two powerhouse actors, the other is a kids movie about a bee. Oh, and did I mention Denzel was playing a bad guy again? Last time he did that he got himself his much-deserved Oscar. Oh yeah, and it’s directed by Ridley Scott. The only way the critics could love this more is if someone like Russell Crowe were playing opposite Washington. Wait? What? He is? Oh, wow. American Gangster. Yeah, Seinfeld is toast in this category.

In their careers: Winner = Denzel
Okay, this one was almost a tie. Both of these guys are so A-List it hurts. Both have achieved the upper pinnacles of success in their respective fields. Denzel brings in the box office sales and has an Oscar; Jerry had a hit show for 10 years and sells out any venue he chooses to do stand-up in. I’d even hazard a guess that Jerry’s richer. But Denzel’s star continues to rise and his legend continues to grow. He could eventually win another Oscar. Jerry’s career, well, it hasn’t been so hot since he left TV. Ten years ago. Sure, he’s raking in the mad syndication money, but career-wise Denzel has the most heat. So this leans ever so slightly towards Washington.

In a fight: Winner = Denzel
Okay. This one makes me giggle. Sure, these guys are both 53…but this is a fight I’d really like to see. A very short fight I’d really like to see. What’s up with all this airline foo…hey! Ow! Stop that! Now that’s comedy.



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