Five Reasons We Love Denzel Washington

November 1, 2007 at 11:19 am 1 comment

Denzel WashingtonOne of the year’s most anticipated films is American Gangster and it features two of cinema’s most respected actors. While Russell Crowe gets a ton of deserved credit as an actor, he doesn’t get the love. That’s Denzel’s department. Here’s why:1.) His non-cry cry
In almost every Denzel movie he has a scene where he is trying like hell not to cry. His face turns to stone and he starts a staring contest with someone or something. But eventually it’s Niagara Falls. He never oversells the cry (unlike this guy). This is a D.W. special right here.

2.) He’s not afraid to switch it up
I think Denzel is really underrated in this regard. When you really look at the roles on his resume, he’s played a corrupt cop, a (possibly) lunatic conspiracy theorist, a homophobic lawyer and an angel, not to mention a little Shakespeare. I never really catch myself saying, “Oh, it’s Denzel doing another one of his (fill in the blank) roles.” He just chooses smart projects and he’s a reliable box office force because of it.

3.) He never gets DUIs
It’s refreshing to see a media figure stay clear of trouble. You never hear so much as a whisper about Denzel’s personal life and that’s how I like it. He keeps his nose clean. While some other guys are beating up cameramen, Denzel’s hitting up a crossword puzzle in his den somewhere. Although, I understand he did make a ruckus at one of his restaurants (Warning: foul language). I should also note that I will here forthwith refer to Mr. Washington as “Zel.”

4.) He only works with the best directors
For the most part, ‘Zel is pretty savvy when it comes to which directors to work with. Strong directors and good screenplays are key to any actor’s career. Just consider some of the directors he’s gotten in front of the camera for: Spike Lee, Jonathan Demme, Alan J. Pakula, Ridley Scott, Tony Scott, Edward Zwick and lest we forget, himself.

5.) Oh yeah … he’s a great actor!
I once watched an interview with one Thomas Jeffrey Hanks where he said ‘Zel was one of the best actors he’s ever seen and that he steals from him every chance he gets. Well, hell, if Tom Hanks thinks he’s great…

Seriously, can you think of one ‘Zel movie you walked out of where you were like, “Man, he really killed that entire thing for me.” Usually, it’s quite the opposite. Wasn’t Out of Time a lot less of a drag because he was the one walking you through the generic plot? Didn’t he add real legitimacy to Remember the Titans? Yeah, it’s a good sports flick but you know everyone was stepping up their game because ‘Zel was on set. He kept that house in order, I think. He even makes He Got Game watchable. It’s one of Spike Lee’s most seriously flawed movies but it’s always been one of my favorite performances by the guy (that one-on-one basketball scene at the end is one of my favorite scenes in like any movie, uh, ever).

I didn’t even mention his five Oscar nominations, two wins, 15(!) Image Award nominations and 11(!) wins. Jeez. I wonder if he still shows up to the Image Award ceremonies. How many times can you thank the Image Award people for the same thing? Is it a drag? Does he ever feel like going Training Day-‘Zel on them? Nah, of course you don’t, ‘Zel. You’re too classy for that. And that’s why we love you.



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  • 1. Jordan  |  November 2, 2007 at 7:14 pm

    He’s a talented actor, Denzel. I’m going to watch this as soon as I can. But first I wanted to check out his voice over talent in the Bible Experience.


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