Come On, Lay Off Wonder Woman

October 31, 2007 at 7:55 am 1 comment

Teresa PalmerYou know, people are getting a bit anxious about the casting of the new Justice League movie. They’re taking a look at this growing cast of unknowns and shaking their heads. They want Jessica Biel. They want Brandon Routh. They want Ryan Reynolds. And George Miller doesn’t.And God bless George Miller for it. He’s doing something different here. His approach isn’t about putting big names in the big roles. On the contrary, he’s thinking about the future. He’s thinking about a cast that will sign three to five picture deals because he’s thinking about making a franchise. Warner is thinking about spin-offs with these actors. I mean honestly, what sounds better to you: a one time mega star extravaganza or an event film followed by a movie about a different Justice Leaguer every year – complete with another JLA film every two or three years?

Are you feeling me now? Yeah. I thought you might be. But let’s look at some Justice Leaguers of the past. Who the hell is Lynda Carter? Ask any grown man who she is and they will say without missing a bat that she’s Wonder Woman. Nobody knew who she was before she got the role. But here she is, Wonder Woman to an entire generation. What about Christopher Reeve. Another unknown. Unknown until he suited up as Superman that is. Hugh Jackman? Chris Evans? Both relative unknowns until they donned super suits (as Wolverine and Johnny “The Human Torch” Storm respectively.)

And sure there have been a few good, prefect casting choices of stars in the past. Michael Keaton made a fine Batman, but Val Kilmer and George Clooney didn’t. And while Patrick Stewart made an incredible Professor X, do I need to even talk about what happened when Academy Award winning actress Halle Berry suited up as Storm?

So lay off of Teresa Palmer for a while. She’s our Wonder Woman. I don’t care if she’s only 5’6″. Compared to other actors in Hollywood that IS Amazonian height. I mean I know I’m 6’2″…but every time I go to Los Angeles I feel like I’ve walked into the city of the Shetland People. Actors are small. Personally, If they could find a 6’2″ actress who looked like Wonder Woman, could act AND they populated the rest of the film with people of the same height, THEN maybe we could talk. But for now, this girl sure looks like she’ll do.



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  • 1. michelle  |  October 31, 2007 at 2:27 pm

    She will NOT do! Is this what Hollywood considers an Amazon! It’s disgraceful. No wonder everyone over there has an eating disorder. I think Mary Elizabeth Winstead would be a better choice. At least she is tall and not skeletal. If WB goes with actors like Palmer, this project is doomed to failure.


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