Big Batch O’ Super Hot Daily Links: Weekend Edition

October 29, 2007 at 1:58 pm Leave a comment

Teresa PalmerIs Teresa Palmer (pictured left) the new Wonder Woman? If so, we were waaaaaay off.On that note – this guy wonders if perhaps this Wonder Woman is too darn short.

No Capt. Kirk for Star Trek?? For shame.

This just in: U2 makes an awful lot of money.

Here’s a Carrie Underwood album review. And here’s a Carrie Underwood photo gallery.

Will Jack Bauer survive another season of 24? Perhaps. Depends on that whole drinking thing.

Juno is getting released early? Yet another good sign!

If one of our writers finishes a book we give him some pub. If one of our writers finishes a book on STEVEN SEAGAL we ponder if we’re cool enough to even be associated with him. Here’s the book, and the ruling was we’re cool enough… but barely.

On that note, it’s national novel writing month! I’m very tempted to try this, though it would probably be the end of every relationship I had. Writing books is hard. Then again, the good news is that anyone can do it, even Brit Spears’ momma.

A list of the five sexiest funny girls in Hollywood. Hmm, I’m with them on Sarah Silverman and Kristen Wiig but Isla Fisher was brutally bad in The Lookout. And where is Maya Rudolph on this list?

A very well thought out essay on Dumbledore’s sexuality.

Dre tackles how to make the Wolverine movie good.

Our song of the day is The Delgados “The City Consumes Us.” The threat level is mauve.



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