Nerdy Wahlberg is M. Night’s Biggest Surprise in The Happening

October 28, 2007 at 11:18 am Leave a comment

Nerdy WahlbergM. Night Shyamalan seemed to be struggling for a good twist ending, as he’s never quite topped The Sixth Sense. Perhaps his next film will have the biggest shocker of all right in the beginning. Shyamalan will present Mark Wahlberg as a bookishly nerdy character in The Happening.

“I play a kind of nerdy science teacher from Philadelphia,” said Wahlberg. “I’m very kind of intimidated by my wife and I can’t connect outside of the classroom. I’m the best teacher you’ve ever seen. I’m like one of my students. My students love me. We have this great connection. I’m extremely passionate about what I do but I have some difficulty in other departments: being a man, certainly being the man she wants me to be. I am extremely positive and upbeat and she’s the opposite. It’s really about their relationship.”

Has M. Night Shyamalan made a relationship drama? Nah, there’s still some crazy stuff going on. “The movie’s really about our relationship and the conflicts that we’re having, set in this kind of horrific disaster that’s happening.”

Shyamalan usually makes his actors sign nondisclosure orders, but Wahlberg seemed free to talk about this one. “The first scene that we shot was a 5-page scene set in the classroom that any other director that I’ve worked with would have taken three days to shoot it, and we shot it by lunch and it’s beautiful. He just knows what he wants. It’s all thought out. I’ve never walked into a trailer and your sides are there and there’s also storyboards for the day that you’re going to be shooting. He just knows exactly what he wants. It’s been a great experience. You never know until it’s done but it feels pretty special.”



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