Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem — See What A “Predalien” Looks Like!

October 27, 2007 at 9:54 am Leave a comment

Aliens vs PredatorAccording to USA Today, when you cross an Alien with a Predator, the result is “either a bad joke or a box-office hit.”

It’s possible, of course, to release a film that is both a bad joke and a box-office hit, but USA Today has a point, and it’s one well-taken by directors Colin and Greg Strause in their interview with the syndicate regarding the upcoming Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem: For the sequel, which opens December 25, the brothers promise a return to the dark ‘n’ scary roots of the Alien and Predator series.

Matter of fact, the Strauses claim to have used the originals as inspiration for Requiem, telling USA Today:

“That movie was dark. That movie used a lot of rain…And that movie was scary. We want it more like the classic early Alien and Predator movies we grew up on.”

In the latest sequel, according to USA Today, “an alien that bursts from a predator’s body, or a “predalien,” leads the war as the creatures descend on a small Colorado town.” Behold the predalien:

The article goes on to note that AVP2 finds the series turning away from CGI effects, comparing the new film’s 12 alien outfits to the six used in the first two Alien movies. As Greg Strause puts it:

“You’re not going to see 50 digital creatures running around…We want to bring the franchise back to basics.

“That’s what made them so frightening in the first place.”



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