Spielberg Talks Indy 4 and Tintin

October 10, 2007 at 2:38 pm Leave a comment

It seems a pretty safe bet that, on nine out of ten film fans’ wish lists, “meeting with Steven Spielberg on the set of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” would be somewhere near the top. As it turns out, this isn’t an impossible dream — all you need to do is help Spielberg catch a thief.

Spielberg, in a show of gratitude to the online film press for helping track down the person responsible for the recent theft of some Indy 4-related stuff, invited a number of writers out to the set for a 20-minute meeting on Tuesday. Slashfilm‘s Peter Sciretta was one of the anointed few, and naturally, he’s shared some details of what went down.

As you might expect, not a great deal of information changed hands during the meeting — it was less than half an hour long, after all — but the writers were able to glean a few morsels of information, primarily relating to Indy 4 and the upcoming Tintin. With regards to the latter, Slashfilm reports:

Spielberg confirmed that Tintin will be shot on stage using motion capture over a 30-day shoot. One of the films will be shot by Steven, the other by Jackson, and the third by…and this is the shocker: Spielberg said they are on the lookout for a director for the third film, but they are considering filming the movie together. That’s right — Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson directing side by side on the epic conclusion to the Tintin trilogy. This is something that has never been clearly stated in the trades.

Perhaps the most interesting piece of Indy information is the news that it’s being shot on film, despite what seem to have been repeated efforts by George Lucas to convince Spielberg to make it a digital production. From Slashfilm:

Steven gushed about how a film frame is alive with movement and film grain and that digital video is “too perfect.” Lucas tried to convince Steven that they could add the film grain to the digital image, which Spielberg found totally amusing because doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose? And wouldn’t it just be easier to shoot the whole thing on film.

Source: www.cinema-pedia.com


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